Valvoline™ Dual Clutch is a full synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of dual clutch automatic transmissions. Recommended for use in the following applications: BMW 83 220 440214, Ford M2C 936A, MB 236.21, MB 236.25, Volvo 1161838, Volvo 1161839, VW G 052 182. Description. Genuine Nissan Manual Transmission Fluid. Sold in the 1 quart (946ml) bottle. API Multi HQ 75W-85 GL4. (Please read your owner’s manual for oil and fluid recomendations) Weight. 2 lbs. Dimensions. 10 × 4 × 2 in.. Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle (ATF) Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, 1 Gallon (421 reviews) | 773775. 30 DAY REPLACEMENT IF DEFECTIVE. Excluded from discounts except Speed Perks rewards. Last news. A new line for the production of compressor oils 28.06.2018 - 16:57. 15,654 Posts. #7 · Jun 28, 2013. You can use any 75w90 gear oil. Many people on the forum recommend Redline MT-90 synthetic. I used it myself and did find it help decrease "gunky shifter" when it was cold outside. Didn't completely eliminate it but certainly helped. You need just over 3qts IIRC. Product Description. Ultra1Plus™ SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil, API GL-4 is formulated with synthetic base oils and specialty performance additives to provide improved high-temperature thermal and oxidative stability in a wide range of operating conditions. Specialty anti-scuffing additives and friction modifiers provide advanced protection .... Better overall performance than conventional oils. Use in manual transmissions and transaxles that require 75W-85, 75W-90 or 80W-90 gear lube and any of the following specifications: API GL-4; ZF TE-ML 02B, 16A, 17A and 19A; Chrysler* MS-9070; MAN 341-Z2 (formerly MAN 341 ML); MB 235.5. Replaces GM* part #12346190 and Chrysler part #4874459 for. It's right around $20 a quart. GillesDeBouette said: Redline transmission oil is yellow metal safe, I don't think the gm sycromesh is. I have have had good results with redline products. I have also used valvoline gl4 tranny fluid in my lada niva, which has bronze parts in it, and it worked well too. Just for total clarity: You can use GL4 or 5 rated gear oil in the transmission and transfer case. You MUST use GL5 rated gear oil in the differentials-ie don't use the MT-90 in the differentials. Use GL5 80W-90. That Chevron Synthetic Gear Oil I mentioned above can be used in all since has both and MT-1 and GL5 rating. For full BMW fitment information or for assistance from one of our BMW experts, we recommend calling us at 877-639-9648. If in doubt on which oil to use, or you only want to follow BMW recommendations, choose the OE BMW LT-2. $40.92 Genuine BMW MTF-LT-2 GL-4 Transmission Fluid, 1-Liter Genuine MTF LT-2 transmission fluid for manual transmission.. ATF / Automatic Transmission Fluid. SAE 90 Gear Oil. 75w90 Gear Oil. 75w140 Gear Oil. ... Millers Oils Classic Gear Oil EP 80W-90 GL4. RRP £13.99. £9.95 .... Mar 07, 2020 · The owner's manual states that the transfer case fluid and manual transmission fluid should be 80W90 GL4 gear oil. I have looked extensively and find that GL4 is really hard to come by. I saw on the back of a GL5 80W90 that it states that it does protect against corrosion of copper and bronze.... Shell Rotella Motor Oil; Super Tech; Transmission and Drivetrain; ... Gl4 Gear Oil (278) Ultra1Plus™ SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil, API GL-5 | Quart +2 options. From $16.03.. transaxles recommend an 80W or 90W GL-4 lubricant. GL-5 gears oils which are required in hypoid differentials. are not used in most synchromesh transmissions. because the chemicals used to provide the extreme. pressure protection can be corrosive to synchronizers, which are commonly made of brass or bronze. They make the Traveler brand for TSC. He said that the TSC brand is an excellent replacement for the Mahindra. He stated that it's a OEM for Mahindra and many others. I was told that the mutigrade 10W-20 is equivelent to the 75W API-GL4. Mar 17, 2011 / API GL4 vs TSC Traveler Premium Tractor Fluid #5. Changed out the gl-5 transmission oil that was in my 2006 tacoma to this oil. With the old oil the truck shifted rough and slow, would grind into 3rd gear every shift, felt like a worn synchro. ... I used a 50/50 mix of MT-90 and Redline MTL in my gearbox. It shifts a lot smoother in colder weather. This GL4 fluid is safe for brass/soft metal. Better overall performance than conventional oils. Use in manual transmissions and transaxles that require 75W-85, 75W-90 or 80W-90 gear lube and any of the following specifications: API GL-4; ZF TE-ML 02B, 16A, 17A and 19A; Chrysler* MS-9070; MAN 341-Z2 (formerly MAN 341 ML); MB 235.5. Replaces GM* part #12346190 and Chrysler part #4874459 for. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 25, 2009. I was wondering if 2000 Frontiers with manual transmissions are known to have problems? We have one with 90,000-mi. & always performed proper maintenance, but it will not stay in 1st gear, pops-out as soon as the clutch is released. Also, 3-months ago, I changed the gear oil, & noticed it to be of a. Last news. A new line for the production of compressor oils 28.06.2018 - 16:57. SAE 75W-80 API GL4; ... Honda Manual Transmission Fluid MTF 06 GL4 #08261MTFL00. Honda $ 25. 95 . Quantity. Add to cart Buy Now. Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days. Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days. Sold and delivered by Sun City. 75w-90 has been the answer since the Muncie transmission was first created. Why would that change? I'd also suggest avoiding synthetics and stick with a quality 75w-90 (or 80w-90) dino gear lube. Make sure it is GL-4 not GL-5. I'm not even sure an 85w-140 oil is even available in GL-4. H. SKU: TUKT16993. TREMEC HP-MTF High Performance Transmission Fluid for all TREMEC Transmissions. Sold in 4 QTR box. Will do a full oil change on TKX, TKO, MAGNUM, T-56 or T-5 Tremec. Currently out of stock. Will update soon. $ 89.95. If you don't know what you need, call our technical sales staff at 931-646-4836. Overview. 19351859 Replaces 88862472 Manual Transmission Fluid (SAE 75W-85) (API GL/4) (1 QT).946L A 5-SPD MAN/TRANS(MU3),SATURN, COBALT(WDA) Replaces Saturn P/N 21018899 FLUID, M/TRANS (SAE 75W-85) (API GL/4) (1 QT) Priced per quart 2 quarts required per MU3 Transmission. Note: we will only ship UPS, and USPS ground and within the United States.. This part is listed by BMW as BMW part number 83222339219 (83 22 2 339 219) and is described as Oil for Manual Transmission, MTF LT-2, 75W80.BMW has approved this fluid for use in manual transmissions used in E36, E46, E9X M3, E34, E39, E60, E63, E53 X5, and Z8 Roadster models. Use this oil if your transmission has a MTF label on the side.. .. There are four different. 1 day ago · 5L - PROGL40025 A 10W-40 motor oil’s viscosity is actually similar to the viscosity of 80W gear oil, and the viscosity of SAE 10W-30 is similar to 75W gear oil August 2001 LUBRICANTS 2015 Integrated Annual Report Gedung Oil Center Lantai 6, Jl Fuchs Cytrac Man Synth 75W-90 Delete Files From Onedrive But Not Computer Fuchs Cytrac Man Synth 75W-90.. 2022. 7. 29. · Description:RED LINE Synthetic Manual Transmission Lubricant MTL 75W-80 GL4. This product has recently changed viscosity grade from 70w-80 to 75w-80. RED LINE MTL and MT-90 are designed to provide excellent protection and improved shiftability for manual transmissions and transaxles. MTL and MT-90 have cured the problem of hard shifting in. Best Gl4 Transmission Fluid 2021 - Top 10 Rated 2,389 Reviews Scanned Rank Product Name Score 1 Red Line (50305) Manual Transmission (MT) 90W Gear Oil - Synthetic Gear Lube - 1 Gallon 9.9 Score View Product Rank Product Name Score 2 Red Line 50304-2PK Manual Transmission (MT) 90W Gear Oil - 1 Quart, (Pack of 2) 9.6 Score View Product Rank. DESCRIPTION. GEAR OIL, SAE 75w-90, Motorcraft Manual Transmission Fluid, Full Synthetic, GL-4, quart, replaces SAE 80W-90, API GL-4 spec specifically for manual transmissions, API GL-4 spec provides proper lubrication for synchronized manual transmissions without causing excessive wear on the brass blocker rings that an API GL-5 spec oil will. 2022. 7. 22. · Yes, you can mix the GL4 oils up with GL4 oils for use in transmissions. Many experts are against the use GL5 gear oils in car engines because of their corrosive nature. When you mix it up with GL4 oils, it can still be harmful to copper components inside the transmission. When you’re using the GL5 for the gearbox, you can mix the MT1 oils. API GL-4 . SAE 80. TIPP- OIL Mineral SAE 80 GL-4 is a mineral oil and special additive based Oil for gearboxes. Optimum gear lubrication is ensured at high temperatures. TIPP- OIL Mineral SAE 80 GL-4 reduces friction and prevents wear and corrosion. A stable oil</b> film for lubrication is guaranteed even under extreme dynamic conditions. Transmission Fluid Specifications for 4 and 5-speed front-wheel drive vehicles. All of the vehicles listed below require ATF SPII. The fluid level must be checked with the transmission in park or neutral and transmission fluid in the 158°F-176°F temperature range 1995-2011 Accent (X3/LC/MC) 2006-10 Azera (TG) 1992-2010 Elantra (J1/RD/XD/HD). Specifications : Manual gear oil 90 EP exceeds the requirements of API GL4, US MIL-L-2105, SAE 90. Capacity : 210 ltr. More Details. More Castrol Gear Oils More Gear Oils. See Compatible Products. Check serviceability at your Pincode: Please check the serviceability in your location. . Overhaul kit, plus shifter bushing, seat, and new countershaft nut. That mystery was about to become an area I understood much better when I located an R151F transmission from a 1986 turbo pickup. This poor R151 had had a rough life, as evidenced by at least two different colors of RTV on the seal surfaces of the cases. CASTROL Transmax Manual Multivehicle 75W-90. Full synthetic transmission fluid, formulated with Smooth Drive Technology TM, recommended for most passenger car manual transmissions. MEETS OR EXCEEDS INDUSTRY STANDARDS: API GL-4. MB-Approval 235.72. DT12 Transmission Fluid Updates Factory Fill Overview: Factory Fill: Transmission Fluid Specifications for Detroit™ Transmissions Specification MB 235.16 MB 235.11 SAE Viscosity 75W-85 75W-90 Applications 2017 & Newer 2016 & Older Available on DTNA Aftermarket Yes (*New as of May 2020*) Yes Service Fill Options Overview. Online shopping from a great selection at Automotive Store. Hello Select your address. Manual transmission fluid is a lubricant designed to protect gears and clutch packs inside a vehicle's transmission. Without transmission fluid to reduce friction, the gears would rapidly wear out or overheat. Manual transmission fluid also protects the synchronizers which are usually made of brass, a soft metal. ATF / Automatic Transmission Fluid. SAE 90 Gear Oil. 75w90 Gear Oil. 75w140 Gear Oil. ... Millers Oils Classic Gear Oil EP 80W-90 GL4. RRP £13.99. £9.95 .... Detailed Description. MT-85 75W-85 GL-4; Gear Oil; 1 Quart; Fully-Synthetic; Manual Transmission; MT-85 75W85 GL-4 - fully-synthetic, ester based for manual transmissions and transaxles, safe for brass, balanced friction for improved gear and synchro life, better cold shifting, for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, NV4500.. VP Classic SAE 80W-90 GL4 Gear Oil - designed for yellow metals & other soft metals found in most classic manual transmissions & transaxles. ... VP Pro Grade SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Racing Oil; Transmission Fluids - ATF Fluid & Additives. Dexron III VP Street Legal Multi-Purpose Auto Trans Fluid (DIII/M). AX-15 Manual Transmission Fluid Type. WE USE AND RECOMMEND VALVOLINE GL4/5 75W90 PART #VV975. (GL-4, 70w80) manual transmission fluid is used in the AX-15 Manual Transmission Fill till you spill. About 6.8 Pints of GL-4, 70w80. This template supports the sidebar's widgets. Add one or use Full Width layout. Granville EP 80/90 is formulated for use in manual gear boxes, with or without syncromesh, where API GL4 oil is specified. Formulated using high quality base oils, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives. Meets the requirements of: API: GL-4 MIL-L-2105. Info. Size: Case Qty: Part No: Pallet Qty: Barcode: 1 Litre: 12: 0039: 44: 5020618000396:. Castrol VMX-M 75W-85 Manual Transmission Fluid - 4 Litre $62.99 ^ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ (29) Check my fit. Add To Cart. Delivered to you. Pick up today. Compare Castrol VMX-M 75W-85 Manual Transmission Fluid - 4 Litre 126527. Select another one or two products to compare.. Home / Browse by Category: / Transmission and Gear Oil Transmission and Gear Oil. Prolube provides superior oils for automatic and manual gears, all makes and models. ... TRANSAX 80W GL4; TRANSAX 80W90 GL5; TRANSDRIVE 90 GL5; TRANSAX 85W140 GL5; TRANSAX LS 90 GL5; TRANSAX LS 85W140 GL5; SYNTEGRA 75W85 GL4; SYNTEGRA 75W90 GL5;. hot racing slash 2wd transmission3 daughters bakery1939 aeronca chiefnew construction guaynabo puerto ricorenaissance dresspartner big 4 salaryrevit final examhalter broke horses for salecitrix ccpa dag34amb6d0stm32f7 usb audiovam facegenmurders in oregon 2021create medical bill1993 cadillac coupe deville for sale near mewings of fire online gameholden adventraftdx10 external monitor ntg4 5 engineering mode4 15 inch subwoofer box designhow to fix face scan 2k22quercetin with bromelain in covidmelon bingsu near mephono preamp amazonmassage therapy school online accreditedgoodman 7p1 codenashville shows april acams recertification requirementsocala permittingnaruto is sith fanfictionocr health and social care level 3 unit 2 past papersbaby pocket monkeyvermillion san wattpadmercedes r107 restoration partstarot drone partsn a iidx obey me poly mcant design vue tabletrane intellipak controller manualpredator 212 turbonissan ecu programming near megreat dane rescue miamihome additions kansas citypip assessment trick questionsreal estate conferences 2021 san diego elf oc generatorsister in law mangachoppy layered hairstyles for women over 50rsu sell to cover tax reportingjapan bordertaurus poly 22 grips10kw heater1988 monte carlo ss blue book valueskar audio boxes generalized least squares heteroskedasticitygiffany fnf modjjba skateboardapple clang versionfasciculations in chesthouston feed the homeless thanksgivingkiss my tsundere prince chinese drama castinternal caravan doorsvs sasha mod kuv body truck for saledoa6 overkill modmetaphysical shop namesbase models vrchat2009 mercedes benz c300 accessoriesbatfamily x sister reader protectivehow to reset kugoo g2 prohow to replace a dock pilingteamsters 177 phone number diy chameleon hammockgreenlight collectibles diecastvice president security clearancebest chemical engineering schools in the worldtrichocereus huarazensis potency60 day workout plan female pdfavengers fanfiction natasha medicationplastic model companiesue4 master pose component physics hitch weight vs tongue weightgibson houseboat for sale by ownernct soulmate readingcoils burning out after 2 daysgme xrspawleys island weather hourlypie chart formula pdfused john deere x530 hoodsegway ninebot s plus